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St Johns Lutheran LIVE

Mission Statement

Through Jesus Christ, we proclaim God's Word, encourage one another in faith, witness to God's love and serve all people.

    God is calling us to grow in spiritual health, participate in the uplifting worship and engage in active outreach.

    God is calling us to encourage each other to build and sustain our spiritual health by equipping every individual personally and the congregation collectively through the study and application of God's Word.  This will enable us to identify how the Lord has blessed and gifted us for service, and empower every individual to utilize fully his/her spiritual gifts to the glory of God.  As our fellowship grows, this process will be extended to all to whom we are connected.

    God is calling us to heart-felt worship, receiving His grace through Word and Sacrament for the inspiration and preparation of His people for joyful service in His kingdom.  The response of all people, regardless of age, through song, prayer, praise, thanksgiving, meditation, and service will glorify God as we strive for faithfulness in using God's Word as well as our gifts and talents.

    God is calling us to witness to His love, make disciples of all nations, and address both physical and spiritual needs of others.  We will serve the needs in our local community-hunger, poverty, loneliness, depression, and others.  We will reach out to the global community and meet the ever-changing needs of all God's children and His creation.  Accordingly, we proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ with multitudes of people in both the local and global communities through financial support, prayer and active personal involvement.

    This is what we will accomplish by His grace and with the strength He gives us.

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